Seminar/workshop for ARTISANS/industrial workers

Fix your business in 3 hours with a


Motivational Seminar/Workshop


for blue  collar industrial workers

(the people who make an economy function)



Designed to put the spark back into the worker and workplace




Personally facilitated by Prof Ruben Richards

(a fitter and turner tradesmen cum academic cum CEO cum you name it � he has done it �

And so can you after attending this workshop).




Immediate benefits (return on investment) for attending the seminar

ü  Increased  productivity

ü  Improved self  confidence of the worker

ü  Less industrial action

ü  More industrial consciousness





All persons attending the workshop will receive a personally signed copy of Ruben�s newly released book on which the seminar is based (max 25 persons per workshop).


COST ... only R 847.00 (excl VAT) per person per seminar

(Companies can join forces and get a discounted price) 

CONTACT Ruben for more details ...

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