Building the competence and confidence to deliver any service is our specialty. To sign up for one of our seminars please contact JOERG  NAWROCKI  (or cell +27 84 415 6938).

The seminars are based on the book by Dr Ruben Richards (BULLETS OR BALLOTS). Click here for a FREE e-book version which you can download from this website



To train 10,000 managerial leaders (MLs) for the South African economy.


What or Who is a ML?

Basically it is a person in a supervisor / managerial position. It's the kind of person who gets the job done through the efforts of others.


CAML's contribution and mission:

The South African economy has a shortage of people who are able to ensure IMPLEMENTATION. CAML is dedicated to helping South Africa overcome this shortage by offering high impact one day and three day training seminars. Call Joerg NAWROCKI and find out more.



We at CAML believe that GOVERNANCE & INTEGRITY DEVELOPMENT are the most important characteristics of a ML.