Listen to Ruben's various radio interviews:


  • SAfm (104-107 FM) - click there ⇒⇒ Afternoon Talk with Ashraf Garda (14 September 2011 - 45 minutes). SAfm is a South African national public radio station. - The focus of this interview was BIOGRAPHICAL - focusing on the life and motivations of Ruben Richards.


  • SAfm (104-107 FM) - click there ⇒⇒  Morning Show with Siki Mgabadeli (19 June 2012 - 1 hour).  This is a joint interview shared with a Poet. The focus of the interview was JUNE 16 and YOUNG PEOPLE - focusing on Ruben's perspective on what needs to be fixed to make life better for young people in South Africa.


  • Fine Music Radio (101.3 FM) - Evening Talk with Linzay Williams (3 August 2011 - 45 minutes) click there ⇒⇒  Part 1  &  Part 2. The focus of the interview was CRIME & UNEMPLOYMENT and  hence the focus of the interview was Ruben's recent book: BULLETS OR BALLOTS:the ultimate solution to crime and unemployment in South Africa (published 2010). 


  • 567am Cape Talk - click there ⇒⇒  Morning Talk. (3 minute sound bite).  The focus was EDUCATION and the role of Ruben as an ACTIVE PARENT at Westerford High School, Rondebosch, Cape Town. This interview took place on the school premises during the first week and the start of the 2011 High School academic year which in South Africa starts in the month of January. Ruben is Chairman of the Board of Governors of Westerford High School.


  • CCFM (107.5 FM) - Christian Radio Broadcast -  click there ⇒⇒  Evening Talk - the "City Roundup" with Rev Barry Isaacs - on 15 July 2012 - 1 hour). The focus of  the interview was Ruben's views and proposals on how the christian church can make a positive contribution to solving Gangsterism & Violence in South Africa ⇐⇐click there to listen to the interview.