A solution to Gangsterism (published Nov 2015)

Ruben proposes that the unifying force required by South Africa to defeat the scourge of crime and unemployment is not its default racial obsession but the creation of a new national psyche that is driven by an industrial consciousness. This is an in

conflict mediation and peace building

    FREE e-Book  A step-by-step guide and manual to help South Africa move from poverty to wealth - from helplessness to hopefulness. The book outlines .... HOW TO CREATE JOBS AND REDUCE CRIME in South Africa    READ&nb

Review, Critique and Comment concerning ... BULLETS or BALLOTS: The ultimate solution to crime and unemployment in South Africa  (Published by Mutloatse Arts Heritage Trust, Johannesburg: 2010.)   Heather de Wit (Hout Bay, Cap

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    What is Industrial Consciousness   See page 23 of the book BULLETS or BALLOTS   According to Ruben Richards, industrial consciousness is simply ...    "A fundamental

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Ruben serves a number of clients as an advisor (covering both technical and organisational matters). The advisory philosophy driving Ruben is the old adage which says that preventative maintenance and medication is always and ulti

Ruben offers his services as a skilled facilitator across a range of disciplines including strategic planning and conflict resolution.

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Please forgive my personal note of nostalgia   This event is already past. I am sorry you missed it. I like the invite so much I thought I would hang onto it for a while on my website. The venue for the first book launch was the m

UNEMPLOYMENT, CRIME AND CORRUPTION IN SOUTH AFRICA: Practical solutions to a deeply spiritual crisis and the greatest challenges facing our new democracy.   A must attend event  for all   Pastors and Community Leaders&nb